• 2017 - 2018 EXECUTIVE:

    President Katherine Mackwood
     VP                             Carol Sherlock
    Treasurer                   Lois Moore
    PD Christian Berneche
    Public Relations Pricilla Dawson
    Membership Suzanne Lalonde
    Employment Relations Sue Harding
    Policy Emily Hood
    Past President Jill Mason


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Yukon Health and Social Services has a great collection of wellness-related resources. These resources will be relevant to you in two ways – for your own personal wellness AND to integrate into your work with children, youth and families.

1. The Pathway to Wellness Web Site

The Pathway to Wellness Web Site has numerous articles and videos on topics  including:

Healthy Eating
Brain Development
Raising Happy Curious Kids
Supporting Youth to Find Their Passion
Injury Prevention
Looking After Your Needs as a Parent

2. The Pathway to Wellness Background Paper

The Pathway to Wellness Background Paper paints a picture of the health of our children and families, identifies the factors that influence health, and suggests actions we can take to improve the health and well-being of children, youth and families. Find it Here.

3. Quick Survey

By answering a few quick questions, you can help us develop a plan for improving child and family wellness within Yukon.  Click here to take the survey.

4. Presentations and Discussions

Are you a member of a group or organization who would like a presentation or discussion tailored to your interests?  Let us know!

For more information, visit www.yukonwellness.ca and/or contact the “Wellness team”   yukonwellness@gov.yk.ca