Comprehensive Sexual Health Delivery with Shannon Jones, Health & Social Services and Nikki Krocker, Yukon Education

December 6 & 7: Overview of sexual health and theory, introduction to Sexual Heath and Relationship Education (SHARE) resource, landscape of students in Yukon, demo lessons and work to develop lesson plans. Audience is K-12 PE and classroom teachers and counsellors. Deadline to apply is November 21; use LOCAL PD application form.
Shannon Jones, Health Promotion Coordinator (certified sexual health educator), Yukon Government
As a certified Sexual Health Educator, Shannon is trained to teach the curricular competencies to students from K-12. She brings with her the ability to model this training with teachers in order to assist them in building the skills they need to teach sexual health in their classrooms. Shannon has been successfully delivering sexual health lessons in Yukon classrooms and modeling for teachers best practices in research and education. The feedback from educators has been overwhelmingly positive. Teachers see the value in these lessons and have been requesting opportunities to develop their skill set. Shannon has helped develop the Sexual Health and Relationship Education (SHARE) Grades 4-7 Teacher and Student Resource as well as the Grades 8-12 Healthy Sexuality Guide. She has organized and delivered sexual health education training sessions for Residential Youth Treatment Services (RYTS) employees.
This workshop would address the requests from teachers to hone their skills and work deeply with Shannon to build their confidence and enhance their comfort and abilities.

Nikki Krocker, Intermediate Curriculum Consultant, Yukon Education
Nikki brings an extensive amount of experience as a K-12 classroom teacher in Yukon, British Columbia and Australia. She supports classroom teachers, administrators, and educators and is often involved in connecting subject matter experts to teachers and students in the classroom.
Nikki facilitates opportunities for educators to develop their skill set and practice lessons. She sees these events as opportunities to explore the connections between comprehensive sexual health education and the core competencies (Communication, Thinking and Personal & Social).

A comprehensive approach to effective sexual health education addresses diverse sexual health promotion and illness prevention objectives and provides information, motivational inputs and skills acquisition opportunities to achieve these objectives. This approach also considers sexual health education to be the shared responsibility of parents, peers, schools, health care systems, governments, media and a variety of other social institutions and agencies.