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  • PD REMINDERS:  reminder

    • If you attended a PD event and haven’t yet submitted your expense claim,  please do so ASAP. We require itemized receipts for hotels, transportation and events/courses which clearly state your name, what is being paid for and the amount. Attaching documents to the expense claim is the best way to proceed. 

    • Starting August 1st, 2019 all expense claims will have to be submitted within 30 days of the PD event attended.

    PD Special Future Project Fund

    The PD Budget for the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year has been closed.

    As per BDO’s accounting advise, any unclaimed PD-related expenses will be placed into a Surplus Fund. This Surplus Fund will be used for special future projects that the PD Committee will decide on, with input from the membership.

    Thank you to all members who helped us bring this budget year to a close by completing their expense claims.



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