The Yukon Retired Teachers’ Alumni Scholarship

The Yukon Retired Teachers’ Alumni (YRTA) would like to encourage young Yukoners to return and teach in the Yukon. To this end, the YRTA offers a student entering, or already in, education, one $500.00 scholarship.

The recipients must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The award will be made on the basis of scholarship. A minimum standard will be deemed to be an overall average of 75% with 66% as the lowest acceptable subject mark.

  2. The award will be made to a student who is entering or has entered the faculty of education.

  3. Where more than two candidates are judged of equal worth, financial need may be taken into consideration.

  4. Preference in awarding the scholarship will be given to graduates who have completed the major portion of their education in the Yukon system and who are in, or entering, the field of education.

  5. Applications must be received at the YTA Office no later than August 31st

Full Information and Application Form